Things I began learning in the last 10 years

Learning to be kind and gentle with myself has been only one of the many things I began learning in the last 10 years.

Things I began learning in the last 10 years
  • That it's ok to say no
  • That self care for me means getting enough ¬†sleep, spending time alone, spending time in nature, reading, writing, ¬†and cooking
  • To be honest with myself about my health issues, and in turn, honest with other people about them
  • That it's not a moral failing on my part that I'm fat, and that there is nothing wrong with my body for being fat
  • That diet culture is toxic as fuck to everyone
  • To prioritize my feelings, my mental health, and my own well being
  • That I can be loved and cared for by an intimate partner, and I won't be abandoned when things get tough
  • What it feels like to be loved
  • I can make my own family
  • That I can't fight every fight that I want to, and have to rely on others, even if that means being disappointed
  • That it's my job to actively fight racism
  • It's ok that I don't want to chase success and climb the ladders placed in front of me
  • It's ok to quit something that no longer fits what I want in my life
  • It's ok to change - my mind, my body, my life
  • To be kind and gentle with myself
  • That the complicated feelings I've had about my gender and sexuality are totally valid
  • That I don't have to keep everything that I'm given
  • That there is no common map for what a happy and successful life looks like - I get to make my own map
  • To take the time I need
  • That I have so much more to learn...